St George (immediate neighbour of Hawthorn Resources Mt Bevan JV project) targets a greenfields lithium discovery with Mt Alexander drilling

26th October 2022 • News

“Prospective pegmatites have been mapped over a wide area within a north-south corridor adjacent to the Copperfield Granite and extending approximately 15km along St George’s tenements. In addition to St George and Red Dirt, significant exploration is underway in this region by Hawthorn Resources (ASX:HAW) in joint venture with Hancock Prospecting.

St George may have mapped link between Mt Alexander and Mt Ida lithium province

21st September 2022 •

The area around Mt Ida is emerging as a new lithium province, with exploration also under way in this region by Zenith Minerals (ASX:ZNC) in joint venture with EV Metals plc and Hawthorn Resources (ASX:HAW) in joint venture with Hancock Prospecting.

And St George Mining (ASX:SGQ) says these early observations of outcrop at Mt Alexander suggest it may form part of the underexplored province.

Dragon season all year round for St George, as it goes hunting nickel, copper and lithium

15th September 2022 •

And if this potential wasn’t enough, recent activity to the south has also revealed another potential commodity, with Red Dirt Metals discovering lithium-caesium-tantalum (LCT) pegmatites at its Sparrow North project.

This has been further supported by Hawthorn Resources, whose ground sits between Mt Alexander and Sparrow North, forming a joint venture with Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting for lithium exploration.

Hancock adds more to Mt Bevan metal mix

29th August 2022 •

Hancock, which is already progressing a large magnetite iron ore study over the area, has renegotiated its earn-in with its junior partners giving it the exclusive right to assess the potential for nickel, lithium, and copper over the next three months.

NMDC hosted luncheon with HAW, Atlas and LCY

24th August 2022 • News

India’s largest iron ore producer, NMDC hosted luncheon meeting for Hon’ble Roger Cook,Deputy Premier, Western Australia & representatives from Australian companies, Hawthorn Resources, Atlas Iron & its Australian subsidiary company Legacy Iron Ore in Western Australia.


14th July 2022 • News

“We are right now in the prospecting stages and investments are being made by the new partner, Hancock. We are looking at two to three years to carry out prospecting studies.” Sumit Deb, Chairman and Managing Director, NMDC, told BusinessLine.

First meeting with Atlas/Hancock, Hawthorn Resources and Legacy Iron Ore

23rd June 2022 •

On Saturday 16th April 2022, representatives from Atlas Iron Ore/Hancock Propsecting, Hawthorn Resources and Legacy Iron Ore met at the Ritz Carlton in Perth, WA.

Gina Rinehart interest suggests magnetite iron ore is no boom-time folly

27th May 2022 • News

In April, Atlas was appointed as the study manager of the Mt Bevan magnetite project, 250km north of Kalgoorlie, in a joint venture between Hancock and juniors Legacy Iron and Hawthorn Resources.